(i)      An Environmentalist:

The Landlord builds the environment to an acceptable and sustainable standard. He does this by adhering to government building regulation e.g. building codes, zoning and other social norms and values. Thus, he is a primary actor in shaping the physical environment and beautifying the neighborhood.

(ii)     As an Agent of Socialization:

The Landlord’s product and services, brings people of diverse ethnic groups, religion, custom and traditional diversification together, and most often under the same roof. This induced interaction and socialization which foster peace and unity in the nation.

(iii)    As a wealth Generator:

Housing for example, shows the wealth of a nation. Also, the physical development (structures) is one of the indices of economic growth to crown it all, it has also been established that intelligence quotient have direct reflection on standard of housing units available to occupants. The Landlord adds to these aspects of human, financial and physical development of a nation.

 (iv)   As a Security Agent:

The Landlord provides safety for life and properties to a reasonable extent.

In addition to shelter, the landlord makes sure that intruders and oppressors are far away from his tenant, and he sometimes lease with the security agent for the protection of his property and the dwellers.

(v)     Leadership Role:

The landlord becomes the psychological and spiritual father or leader of his tenant immediately they take possession of his property.

It is expected of the Landlord to pray for their business, home and family, so that he (the landlord) would in turn enjoy a peaceful management and other obligation this act, brings peace to the entire nation.



(i)      Tenant act as a Sustainer:

The tenant put into practice the concept of sustainability. He keeps and maintained the value of the building/property he/she occupies, physically and financially contributing to the up keep of the property.


(ii)     He contributes to the financial wealth of the Nation:

A tenant who is a sub landlord (Government) under the land use Act (1978) this action increases the revenue generation for the nation.


(iii)    Consumer of Resources:

Resources which would have been under or never utilized is made useful and put into the highest and best use. Void and fallowness is checked by occupation and sharing of accommodation with the landlord.