Ingredients for Completing Your House

“The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the Foundation of this house; his hands shall finish it, and they shall know that the Lord of host has sent me unto you.” (Zechariah 4:9 (KJV).

“There is a special joy that you experience when you move into your own house, those who live in rented house all their life cannot experience this joy.”


At this stage, your house is as good as completed. In fact you have become a house owner and a landlord. You now have a roof over your head and a hiding place from the storms of shylock landlords. The other outstanding items generally depend on the following factors:

  • The urgency of your situation
  • The amount of money at your disposal
  • Your choice and preference
  • Your overall plan and projection
  • The nature of the area

“People who live in big and very costly personal houses can hardly enjoy them at old age and cannot maintain such houses”

The Place of Wisdom

At this stage, a lot of wisdom is required and- very close Counsellors would be helpful. “Ask and it shall be given unto you.” So, ask for guidance.

The Urgency of One’s Situation There are people whose household properties have been thrown outside by some heartless and shylock landlords. I mean those landlords who do not appreciate the mercies and grace of God upon their own lives and who live as if it is their hands and strength that have gotten them wealth. For such tenants, now that your own house has been roofed, Thank God for his Grace and Mercy.

All you need do is to put some sort of security at the windows and doors and move into your house. Every other thing will follow gradually as God prospers you. There was a man I called Mr. K. He had built his house up to the roof stage and had bought some roofing sheets. About this time, his landlord started making things difficult for him and his family.

Applying wisdom, what Mr. K. did was to roof some portion of the house and moved in with his family.

Another group of people under this category are those whose rents have expired or increased or those given quit notices. The question is “What is the wisdom in renewing the rent or paying the increased rent when I can invest that amount on my own house and then move in and be a proud landlord myself?

I had the same experience. The house in which 1 was living was sold and the new landlord was eager to take possession and increased the rent. Moreover, the new lawyer assigned to manage the property was too eager to collect his commission and agreement fees which we, the existing occupants, would not pay. God was gracious and we were able to move into our own houses some months before the expiration of the quit notice we were served.

The Amount of Money at Your Disposal

If you have enough money at hand and for the project, it is advisable and pleasing to complete the house before moving into it. The money at your disposal will also determine the type of materials you will use in the finishing. However, no matter how much you have to spend, let moderation guide you.

Your choice and preference

This applies to your choice of materials used in the finishing. This is related to point two above, it is advisable to follow the path of wisdom and prudence and to apply the principles we teach in financial intelligence.

Your Overall Plan and Projection

This means handling the projection at such a pace that is in line with the plan you have set out for yourself. For instance, one can set a 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc target. The important thing is not how short or how long but whether you have a plan. A man who had a ten-year plan to own his own building is better than a man who has not plan to own anything. Remember, “A land-lord of a one- bedroom apartment is better than a tenant struggling to pay the house rent of a duplex.”