The essence of these tips is to advise you before you commence actual construction with a view to helping you make some savings. The builders and other site workers have a perfected style of cheating that even if you get involved 100 percent and every minute of the day, they will play some tricks on you. The difference is that with such knowledge you will be able to keep the fraud at a tolerable level

–        There is always the tendency to overstate prices.

So compare two or three independent prices before you purchase a major material.

–        There is the possibility to connive with the sellers to substitute materials of lesser quality or quantity. If possible take physical delivery of major materials to your site.

–        The number of blocks, bags of cement and trips of sand could be inflated with the active connivance of the suppliers. So, be very vigilant and do physical counting where possible.


While negotiating for labour, as much as possible get independent workers.


There is wisdom to suspect the so called person helping you to supervise the project no matter how close the person may be to you. For instance, in a particular case, the so called friend/brother was making money on every labourer used on the site and before the discovery he had defrauded the owner some amount of money.