–       Four people can share a plot of land and each will have a sizeable piece of land to build upon.

–        What you actually need to build your house is a piece of land, not a plot of land.

–        You can buy blocks as much as 10 blocks, 20 blocks, 30 blocks, etc., depending on what you can afford.

–        The foundation of your house can be laid with just a few bags of cement

–        You can engage one brick layer and a labourer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as often as you can afford.

–        You can lay the foundation of a big house. But choose to complete a small portion of it to move into.

–        It is those who start their building that will complete it one day.

–        Some materials such as the electrical, plumbing materials etc, can be bought and stored under your bed ready for your own house someday.

–        Most houses you see completed today were actually started many years before. Building gradually at your own pace is more peaceful and satisfying than rushing to complete your building under stress and sorrow.

–        It is nobody’s business how long or how fast you take to complete your building.

–        If you consistently invest N1,000 monthly on your building project, you will complete the house sooner than you can imagine.

–        During negotiation with the builders, it is advisable to have a written document showing the details of work to be done and the terms of payment. This will save both of your serious arguments and disagreement.