Protecting and Securing Your Home at Reasonable Cost

Security does not have to be expensive. There are many cheap potions at the disposal of a homeowner.

Police are your friends, is a bold inscription that usually reminds callers at the police station that they have to entrust security to these law enforcement agents. But Nigerians, catching up with other parts of the world where crime rates are high, no longer require to be reminded of the need for extra security measures at home and wherever their treasures are kept.

Just as private security guards are hired to keep vigil and protect people and their property at home and in offices, security-conscious men and women are enjoined to secure their doors well with burglarproof devices.  

Experts say there are simple designs that cost very little and can make your house or apartment more secure.

Of all the various home security devices, which include dog handling, internal/fire alarm, electronic surveillance installation – Closed Circuit Television -burglarproof is about the cheapest. Besides the design s add beauty and value to the houses.

It is simple in the eye and it is, in a way, bulletproof because it does not get damaged by gun or gunshots.

Ways to go about the installation

On how to go about the installation, one is advised against going to the roadside to buy any prefabricated designs. It is important to invite the expert to the house to inspect the building to determine the most suitable and cost effective design.

Most people would recommend that you can begin with “security” check, starting with the front door and working clockwise around the entire inside of the home, before finishing with the backyard, fence, gates and garage>
a wide­­-angle viewer in the door is said to let you know your visitor in advance. This item is recommended over a chain lock. Another design involves the use of locks, bolts and hinges: A “Dead-latch” is generally seen as an inexpensive lock set which keeps the burglar from simply slipping your door open with a plastic credit card.

This method of entry is common in many areas, but very easy to prevent. Auxiliary Deadlock is another device, having one-inch deadlock, single cylinder with hardened cylinder guard, and thumb turn. For extra security, a single cylinder deadbolt lock, with one-inch throw and case hardener insert, is recommended for all exterior doors.

If you have an easily breakable glass within 40 inches of a deadbolt lock, experts in the know advise that it should be augmented with a stronger type of glass or plastic to provide adequate security. You can also install a double-cylinder deadbolt (a lock with a keyway on both sides of the door) in order to keep a thief from unlocking your door.

There is a drawback with this. Although you are adding additional security, it is the expense of your personal safety. For example, you could lock yourself in and not be able to escape in case of fire or other emergency. It is advisable that if you have a double-cylinder deadbolt installed you should keep an emergency key in a closet where everybody in the house hold knows about.

The “Rim Lock” is also an inch deadbolt lock which is installed on the inside surface of the door. It is less expensive, compared with other types of locks, but has equal security effect.

The “Jimmy-Proof Rim Lock” is another lock which is installed on the inside surface of the door but has vertical dead bolts.

“Cane bolts” are one and a half inch I diameter by 12 inches high, installed at the top and bottom of the inactive door, offering minimum security. Many homes with a pair of doors use half-barrel slide bolts on the inactive door.

They are said to be weak and totally inadequate. “Flush Bolts”, installed at the top and bottom of an inactive door or pair of doors, offer additional security, since the intruder cannot get at the devices to tamper with, if the doors are locked.