How you can protect your building with a Bulletproof Doors and windows

With the spate of house break-ins and killings in the country, people need to protect their houses with bulletproof doors and windows

When it comes to the issue of security, people go to any length to secure themselves. At home, the offices, relaxation centres and other places, several devices are adopted to safeguard lives and property.

Just as houses provide shelter, the value of security that doors and windows – major components of houses – offer cannot be ignored. Patronage for bulletproof doors and windows has been on the rise in recent times.

Hundreds of people have suddenly found the business to be lucrative, especially with the spate of killings currently being experienced in the society.

Although they are more expensive than the ordinary doors, security is never too expensive. Besides once you see the need to put bulletproof doors, you should overlook the initial cost because the overriding benefits cannot be quantified.

In terms of benefits, in the long run, they are cheaper than the ordinary doors that may have to be replaced from time to time as they get damaged or eaten up by wood insects.

In terms of price, bulletproof doors vary from N50, 000 to N350, 000, depending on the make and design. They are however, cheaper than panel doors, which are made of thick wood for design and engravings of different art works.

You don’t buy bulletproof doors and think of changing them in five, 10 or 20 years. They are guaranteed for life. They are instructible. When you buy an ordinary door for N5, 000, you still have to buy the wooden frame, locks, bolts and fix burglary proof. Many houses are like prisons, with burglary proof fixed in front and behind the door. In the event of fire outbreak or any emergency cases, you may be trapped due to the difficulty in opening the various gates. If you are lucky to escape, you must have damaged the key beyond repairs.

The ordinary doors, usually sold between N2, 000 and N5, 000, do not have the special safety features like the keys, they are not fireproof, not bullet proof, no special lock, vision hole or steel frame. And the wood insects can easily eat them up.

One unique feature of bulletproof doors is that they come in different designs and colours. Although they are made of hard steel, they have the superior wood covering to give in the appearance and texture of wooden doors.

The safety features include steel frame for the durability and stability of the entire doors. They have the steel handles for protection against heavy use and abuse. They also have the vision holes against unwanted visitors. There are also the specially-made keys, made of a 20 bolt lock system for prevention against forced entry.

In specific terms, the difference between the ordinary door security door and the bulletproof one   is the armour inside the latter. It has two sets of 7cm thick heavy low resistant steel, and the ranges include the single door; door within a door; mini-double door; the double; multipurpose; extra large; custom built and the remote-controlled American garage, all built to the highest standard.

Users of bulletproof doors are however advised to engage experts for the fixing if they hope to derive maximum benefits from the special security doors.

In conclusion, therefore, here are some essential points to consider in securing yours house with bulletproof doors:

  • A door is much more than an entrance.
  • When the security features and life span benefits are considered, bulletproof doors are cheaper than the ordinary doors.
  • Select the colour and design that suit your building.
  • Use experts to fix the doors.